Translator's Preface

  • Jim West

In the summer of 2015 Prof. Pat Graham and I discussed over lunch the possibility of making more of Zwingli’s works available to English-speaking audiences. This pamphlet is the first step toward that end. It presents Zwingli’s work in a modern English translation that is faithful to both the reformer’s words and intent.

Very few of Zwingli’s writings have been translated into English. Indeed, those that have fit into three average size volumes, and all those volumes were published at the beginning of the twentieth century. Not a single work of Zwingli’s has been rendered into modern English for over a century.

This is in my view an unacceptable reality. Accordingly, I want to thank Prof. Graham for the invitation to provide this translation and the Standing Advisory Committee for the Kessler Reformation Collection for bringing it to fruition. God willing, future days will see additional works of this great reformer in modern English translation.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this slender volume to several colleagues in Zurich who share my opinion that Zwingli deserves greater appreciation and wider accessibility. Their input in connection with various projects regarding Zwingli over the years has been utterly indispensable.1 So to them this work is offered with great appreciation (in no particular order): Emidio Campi, Peter Opitz, Pierrick Hildebrand, Luca Baschera, and Christian Moser.


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